November 23, 2010

WHY are YOU Doing This Business?

Have you ever been in the situation where you hail a taxi and when the taxi driver asks you “where to”, you say, “I don’t know”?  You will sit there forever until you get clear on where you want to go. This would also be very confusing for the taxi driver.

This can be an analogy for life. Do you know where you want to go with your life or your business?  What do you want? What is your dream? What inspires you? Here’s the deal. If you get clear about these things, you create growth and can get past obstacles and criticism.

When you start any business, it is important to figure out your “WHY”. Why are you doing this business? Your “WHY” is not your goals. You need goals but that is not your “WHY”.  Why are YOU doing this business? There’s a big reason, something that will keep you going. Your real “WHY” is never money although it may encompass it. It’s always about who YOU really are.

If your “WHY” totals 70% and you come up against an obstacle that totals 72%, you’re gone! You’ll drop out, disappear. But when your “WHY” is so huge that it can’t be overshadowed, then you’re here to stay and be successful. Your “WHY” will always get you through any challenge.  If you don’t have a very strong, written “WHY”, you will have a very difficult time sticking around long enough to be successful in your business.

I encourage you to take a few minutes today to write down your “WHY” and complete the “WHY” worksheet below. Be honest with yourself and give it thought.

Discover Your “WHY” Questions

These questions will help you to uncover your dreams, vision and mission and your overall “WHY”. These questions are designed to stimulate your thinking about your big, bold dreams. If you want a rich and abundant life, it all begins with a dream!

Take your time. Be brutally honest with yourself. Enjoy the process. Add to these as you further discover what you are passionate about. This is an ongoing process.

1.  If you had an endless amount of money and time:

a) What are three things you would do?
b) Where would you go?
c) What two things would you purchase?

2.  What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?

3.  What three things are you really passionate about?

4. If you had $500,000 to donate, who or what organization would you give it to?

5. What would cause you to get up early, stay up late, and ignore fatigue?

6. Things you loved to make or do as a child.

7.  Strengths others notice in you.

8.  Activities that make you feel spiritually connected.

9.  What would you do if you only had six months to live?

10  What have you done in life that gives you a feeling of satisfaction and importance?

11.  One person who has made the greatest impact on your life. Qualities that you share with that person.

12.  What are the five things you value in life? Values and principles against which you base your personal/professional decisions.

When you’re happy with your “WHY”, feel free to email it to me. I’d love to discuss it with you.

Until next time,

I appreciate getting feedback on my post. I enjoy hearing from you and if you would like to find out more about the next Thinking Into Results program, I would love to discuss how we could transform your dreams…into reality, your goals…into achievements and your thinking…into results.

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I’m a Canadian, gluten-free, tai chi loving, great-grandmother. I live in Ontario and love helping people get healthy again.   I use all the experience I have gained in the almost 5 decades to help you live a life full of vitality with great clarity and focus.

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