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Coaching Accolades

When I thought I was a lost cause, your determination to work with me brought an unexpected light, a flame of hope, and planted a seed of possibility. Your genuine desire of having me understand the importance of “visualizing and bringing feelings to it” stopped the waves of negative thinking and allowed me to flourish. You have had a huge positive impact on my life, the life of my children and family. Thank you for all your love and support. 


I feel tremendous gratitude to Charlene Day as a coach with a heart who leads by example. She encouraged me to dare to dream and to follow my passion. She helped me to discover my “why”, my reason for being and my motivator when I experience a challenge. With Charlene’s help, I now KNOW that I will reach my goals & dreams, and the journey is becoming more enjoyable.

elizabeth doucette

I am very grateful to Charlene Day for being my coach, my inspiration, and my personal motivator. Without her encouragement and support I would have not discovered my “why” or to dream big again.  She cheers me on, keeps me accountable to myself, teaches me new skills, and provides me with new tools to take my company to the next level. She is an extraordinary human being who loves her work and the people she comes in contact. I love the win/win fun environment we work in. 

Aurora Smirnova

“Charlene Day was one of the most influential people in my early career. I enjoyed working with her and always appreciated Charlene’s down-to-earth advice.”

joshua whyte

Health Accolades

After a couple of years on a program recommended by Charlene, I decided to find a new medical doctor. As a new senior patient, the doctor needed a baseline to work from. I was given a complete examination as well all the associated blood work and lab tests. When the tests came back he went through each result and then announced, “Brian – you have absolutely nothing wrong with you.” Then he added, “And for your age, that is very unusual.” I felt this was a wonderful confirmation of how Charlene’s program worked for me.



I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 6 years ago. My muscles felt like someone constantly pinching them and all my joints ached. I heard about Charlene and went to see her for a nutritional program. I made some changes in my diet and started on a nutritional program. Within 6 months I was off all medication. Thanks so much for helping me be pain free again and to be able to enjoy my life again. 


I have been dealing with arthritic pain in my left knee and calf and also some in my right hip and leg. I knew I needed to walk for my health, but I dreaded walking due to the pain. During a consultation I talked to Charlene about this difficulty and she suggested a program for me. After the third month on the program I was in much less pain. After the fourth month there was no pain. After the fifth month I am still pain free. I am walking again, and I am able to walk up stairs normally.


My Allergist commented, "All of your allergies are gone, dust, food, mold, everything. How did you do it?" I replied, "I listened to the advice of my nutritional counsellor". Years ago, I developed allergies to dust, mold, grasses, trees, etc.  After 3 years of allergy shots, I told my allergist I intended to get rid of my allergies. I decided to switch brands after 25 years. That was the only change I made when I learned the differences between various brands. Thank you, Charlene!


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