June 12, 2012

Repetition – The Key to SuccessThere are two ways to change or transform. One is through an emotional impact that jolts us into change and the other is through constant spaced repetition. Think of how you learned the language(s) that you speak. You learned through constant repetition and repetition is the key to success.

When it comes to really changing our results and changing the old paradigms that are holding us back, repetition is what Bob Proctor says is the first law of learning.

Now why do we need this repetition?  Think of the example of listening to a CD or MP3 in your car.

Let’s say you are driving somewhere and you happen to have a CD or MP3 playing in your car stereo. While you are listening, a thought comes into your mind, let’s say you remember something that you have to pick up from the store. Once your mind goes to this thought, you are not listening to the recording anymore. Your focus is on whatever you just remembered to buy. Then a few minutes later you are listening to the recording again but you have missed a whole segment of information while off on your ”thought trip”. Then something outside the car may distract your attention and once again you are not listening to the recording. Then your attention is back on the recording once your thoughts come back inside the car again.

We could listen to that one CD hundreds of times and never fully hear everything on that CD because of all the “thought trips” we have taken in our mind. Then one day, you are listening to the same CD and all of a sudden you realize that you have never heard a portion of it before, it’s as if you are hearing it for the every first time.

I hope with this example you see the importance of repetition. The other aspect is that even though we listen to the same program or read the same book again, we ourselves are different the next time we look or listen. We are constantly changing and our awareness is different. As our level of awareness increases, we will read something that we never quite understood before but now it has meaning for us.

If we apply this in our lives right now, we would create the image of the way we want our life to be and then visualize ourselves living that life. Through recording and listening to it repeatedly and writing it for 90 days, the visualization would come alive. Adding music, affirmations and images would boost our emotional involvement. Then you could see how repetition will begin to change your paradigms by changing your behavior and your results.

Dare to Dream!


I appreciate getting feedback on my post. I enjoy hearing from you and if you would like to find out more about the next Focus Into Results program, I would love to discuss how we could transform your dreams…into reality, your goals…into achievements and your thinking…into results.

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I’m a Canadian, gluten-free, tai chi loving, great-grandmother. I live in Ontario and love helping people get healthy again.   I use all the experience I have gained in the almost 5 decades to help you live a life full of vitality with great clarity and focus.

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