December 14, 2016

self reflection

self reflection

It’s that time of the year where the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, begs for some self reflection time since the darkness brings time for introspection.

There are many aspects of self to examine. But since it is close to the new year’s resolution time, let’s examine what we could do differently. Not all will apply but you can examine which ones could be changed.

How is your self talk? Is it negative or could you be saying more kind and supportive things to yourself?

What about limiting beliefs? Are you aware of what is holding you back? Are you working on being conscious of those beliefs so you can nip them in the bud.

Are you ready to work on your fears? The thoughts that come into your mind that prevent you from going forward.

Are you ready to embrace change? Change is good, contrary to popular belief. It helps us move from the old to the new.

What about the need for control? Are you willing to give up the need to always control everything around you? Are you ready to let people just be who they already are? I know this one is a hard one but maybe give it a go for a day and see how you feel. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Here’s another one, the need to always be right. Are you ready to experiment with that?  You can ask yourself, “Would I rather be right or kind?”.

Are you ready to give up your need to impress others?  When you take off all the masks and just be your authentic self, people will be drawn to you. We wear so many masks as we have so many different types of relationships. To help with this one, I am going to suggest checking out and filling out the questionnaire at Once you have completed that, I would be happy to help you navigate around what you find.  Just go to to arrange a session.

Are you ready to give up complaining?  The people, situations or events that you are unhappy with are never going to go away. All that you can change is your perception and attitude.  That is the only thing you have control over.

Also there is criticism or labeling people. Are you ready to let that go?  We are all different on the outside but inside we are all the same. The bottom line is everyone just wants to be loved.

Are you ready to stop playing the blame game?  Blaming others for our situation is like giving our power away. Not taking responsibility for the choices we made. This can be a tough one as there are situations where it is easy to blame but as we self reflect, we begin to see we create our own reality.

Are you ready to give up your excuses? There are so many different types of excuses we can give ourselves but the bottom line is that they hold us back.

Another thing that can hold us back is living in the past in our mind. Are you ready to embrace the present moment and become mindful? That is where all the power is, in the present moment. It is also the place where there is no stress. See for yourself, take a deep breath and just be present right here, right now and everything is right with the world in that present moment. If you want more reminders of this, you are welcomed to go to and receive some suggestions to be in the present moment.

Taking time out is very powerful and I highly encourage you to check it out.

Be well,

Charlene Day

About the author 


I’m a Canadian, gluten-free, tai chi loving, great-grandmother. I live in Ontario and love helping people get healthy again.   I use all the experience I have gained in the almost 5 decades to help you live a life full of vitality with great clarity and focus.

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