Workshops and Seminars Designed to Engage and Inspire

by Professional Speaker Charlene Day

Why Hire Me as Your Speaker?

Your organization wants to be able to promote an impactful keynote speaker to help your audience to get an inspiring message that will generate rave reviews and give them measurable results.  And you would like to accomplish all of this cost-effectively.

What Types of Clients Hire Me to Speak?

I deliver motivating workshops and seminars for companies, small businesses, professional organizations, and conference attendees so your audience has an inspiring experience.

Healthy You

Fueling your life force

Live Longer, Feel Younger 

 Recent Breakthroughs in Staying Healthy -
The route to health is through your cell’s well being. Learn about the four key mechanisms and what you can do to protect your cells so you will live longer and feel younger.

Vitality Secrets

Find out the true meaning of health, how to beat stress, and how to improve your stamina. These secrets open up endless opportunities. Don’t miss this chance to become more productive and healthy.

Tune Up Your Immune System

Tune Up Your Immune System will highlight the body/mind connection and introduce the cast of “players” in the daily drama of immunity. Learn how you can play an active role in the outcome of this drama.

Women's Wellness

This overview will cover all women’s issues from PMS to Menopause and the symptoms associated with these stages. A myriad of natural remedies will be appraised.

Are You Confused?

Are you Confused - explores the impact of pollutants, refined and processed foods, stress-related foods, and the controversy around vitamin supplementation.

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Wealthy You 

Live in the Flow State

Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream

A totally unique workshop–live facilitation and participant interaction to create a world that works. Discover new opportunities to make a real difference.

Clarifying your Passion and  Purpose

Through a series of exercises, you will become clear on defining your purpose and your passions will have become more obvious to you.

6 Secrets of Success

Learn six factors that we all have access to but many rarely develop 7 Power Habits to Magnify Your Flow of Time, Money and Productivity. Change your thinking and strategies using timeless principles to create success.

Developing your Vision and Mission

Your vision and mission are the bedrock of any business. Learn how to develop powerful ones that guide you into the future.

7 Power Habits to Magnify Your Flow of Time, Money and Productivity

Change your thinking and strategies using timeless principles to create success.

Visualize your Way to Victory

Visualizations are an important part of your action steps in the goal achieving process. Learn how to make them powerful.